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      South China Agricultural University has established the college of Arts since 1996. The school of Art and Design undergraduate program has 9 majors: Fashion Design and Engineering ,Fashion DesignVisual Communication Design Interior Design, Industrial Design, Film and Animation, Music (Music Performance), Performance, Broadcast and TV Director. In 2012, the Department of Education, Guangdong Province, announced our school as “Design Talent and Innovation Center of Guangdong Province”. The development of our school of Art and Design has been following the rules of the advanced education and been cultivating our students based on the theory of “great adjustability, great practical thinking and great innovative ability” and integrates the development of “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and “211” program, we have been building an outstanding team of both academic and research instructors with great balances of age, professional of qualification and experience. With the centennial history of our university, our goal is to develop our art and design related majors to be influential and unique among universities in China, by the integration and interaction of multiple knowledge as well as the continual improvement and optimization.



The team of our faculty and staff is professional, practical, vigorous, vibrant and enthusiasm in teaching career. We have 152 instructors, 11 professors and 37 associate professors; some of them pursued their academic degrees in oversea countries which including England, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine and Italy; and some of them had experience of academic communication in Denmark, Fenland, Japan and Korea. Our faculty and staff awarded “Top 10 Fashion Designer in China”, “Top 10 Fashion Designer in Guangdong Province, China”, Gold Award of the Chinese Fashion Competition for Instructor and Student, Silver Award of the 11th Art Work Exhibition held by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, Silver Award of the Chinese Commercial Design in “Academic Group”, and so on. Besides, our faculties have been council committees of several design associations, and have been in charged of multiple design projects that integrate research, academic and practice; they have been making huge economic contributions to our society and industry, and they have been playing an significant role in educating design professionals for Guangdong Province, and even for the whole country.

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