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Three-Industry integration demonstration town project - Xinhui, Jiangmen and Hanjiang District, Shantou.


Associate Professor Wu Zongjian, leading the team of teachers and students, presided over the design of the Three-Industry integration demonstration project in Chenpi village, Xinhui, Jiangmen from 2013. The total area of the project is 33.3 hectares, and the total output value would reach 1.2 billion yuan in 2018. In 2015, Chen Pi Village was listed as  Tourism Villages with National Characteristic issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction of the State Council and the National Tourism Administration. In the same year, Chen Pi Village was selected by the Ministry of Culture to promulgate National Key Projects of Unique Cultural Industries. In 2017, with the authorization of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education, a distributed expert service station of Chenpi, Xinhui National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park was established to promote the combination of Tangerine Peel culture and local characteristic culture and to provide professional services to promote the development of local rural tourism.

In 2018, Associate Professor Wu Zongjian's team conducted research on modern agricultural industrial park in Haojiang district of Shantou city to analyze the current agricultural status and characteristics of current rural industrial development in Haojiang district, and cooperation intention was reached with Oslan Ecological Breeding Enterprise. In February 2019, he wrote a report entitled Strategies and Discussion on the Integration of Three Industries in Haojiang District and the Establishment of Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, and gave specialized training at the Specialized Training Course on Promoting Rural Revitalization Strategy in Haojiang District hosted by the Agricultural Office of Haojiang District Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Chen Pi Village, Jiangmen Xinhui

Chen Pi Village was listed as National Characteristic Landscape Tourism Villages

Distributed expert service station of Chenpi, Xinhui National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park

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